A typical day in the office?

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Wednesday, 05 November 2014. Posted in News

FD Platinum has been called upon to move some fairly odd shaped and unusual things.

Moving sculpture

However, this latest request is the most unusual item that the company has ever been involved in moving. It is also quite unique in its own right!

A typical day in the office?

So here’s a clue……

What is as big as King Kong but doesn't weigh anything?

King Kong's shadow.

Still none the wiser? Well don’t be surprised as this one would be impossible to guess!

FD Platinum’s latest request is to move a 3 metre long, 2.5 metre wide willow and bronze sculpture of the character of King Kong.

Moving Sculptures

How do you create a monster?

The bespoke sculpture was created by Robert and Susie Yates in Brampton, Suffolk, England. The couple have become well known for their garden designs and furniture.

The Brampton Willow's King Kong consists of a stainless steel structure, woven with willow and completed with a sculpted bronze face. The whole structure weighs in at a whopping 300kg, which if it could move, would give even a real Gorilla a run for its money.

How do you crate and move a monster?

Moving Sculptures

Moving a heavy, yet fragile sculpture like this presents its own challenges. Certainly, a customized crate was needed and this was built in FD Platinum's warehouse in London.

Moving Sculptures

The Gorilla was initally positioned on two palets and moved carefully (with the aid of a forklift) into a large covered lorry then transported by road to FD Platinum's crating warehouse in Feltham (south London). From there, the crate was built reinforced and lined with rigid foam to protect the delicate willow structure.

Moving Sculptures
Moving Sculptures
Moving Sculptures

At this point the whole sculpture including the crate was then transported to Heathrow airport (a few miles from the crating warehouse) and loaded onto a cargo plane bound for Dubai and its new home!

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