How do you find your next luxurious holiday destination?

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Thursday, 30 October 2014. Posted in Travel

Everyone has a different opinion of what constitutes a holiday or vacation. In reality, you are often spoilt for choice and can find something to suit even the most extreme tastes!

Luxury Holiday Destination

Happily it seems the luxury holiday destination market is forever moving and expanding to accommodate demand. Developments in countries traditionally seen as unattractive, inaccessible or suited to a particular type of vacation are increasingly common.

So with all this choice, where do you start to look for your next luxury holiday destination?

Luxury Travel Blogs and Bloggers

If you are just browsing a good place to start are luxury travel blogs. These are usually very knowledgeable and written by people that may have actually been to the place in question rather than just trawled the internet for information. Some really good ones are The Cultureur or Just Luxe. Be a little careful that these travel bloggers don’t also have marketing companies alongside. It does not necessarily mean that their information is inaccurate or misleading just that they may not have a completely impartial view of a particular luxury resort!

Another information source is the travel sections of various newspapers or magazines. The luxury travel market is so popular, that all sorts of people like to read about the destinations - even if they are unlikely to stay there. This in itself fuels an enormous demand for travel related articles and luxury travel publications. All the well-known newspapers, The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Sunday Times have dedicated travel sections, and everything of course is available on line.

Luxury travel awards and accolades

Perhaps, you have decided upon a geographical area and are still unsure of which of the myriad of luxury resorts or luxury travel tours are the best. You could start by checking out the nominees and winners of the annual World Travel Awards. All the winners here are nominated and voted for by professionals with a vast collective experience, so the winners should be up to scratch.

Eagels Nest New Zealand

For example, if you were thinking about going over towards Australasia, you might find that New Zealand has some interesting offerings. Traditionally known by adrenaline junkies and backpackers alike, it is also no stranger to luxury and offers plenty of destinations and award winning luxury resorts and retreats. The Huka Lodge on the Waikato River, Taupo has been offering guests a unique, tranquil and above all discrete get away for 90 years and the Eagles Nest Resort in the Bay of Islands has recently won the World’s Leading Boutique Villa Resort award in 2013 and Australasia and New Zealand’s Leading Villa resort in 2014. If you have a look at their website it is easy to see why.

If you are still stuck on the destination, they even have an award for that too! In case you were wondering, the winner of the World’s Leading Destination last year (2013) was Dubai.

Dubai - Best Holiday Destination 2013

How do you narrow down the options for your next luxury vacation or holiday?

If you want to know who has won or even who has been nominated in any category ranging from the World’s Best Airport Hotel to the World’s Best Beach Resort then the Travel Awards is a really good place to start.

Deciding what type of holiday you are after is also pretty key to narrowing things down a bit. Are you beach bound, or do you want an activity tour or particular tour such as luxury train travel? If the latter is the case, then you are going to want to look at more specialized companies who are experts in this type of getaway. The Luxury Train Club offers journeys on trains in a dozen or so countries from the traditional Orient Express to the Indian Pacific in Australia - you really do have a breathtaking choice. The Society of International Railway Travelers even provides you with a ‘top 25 trains’ guide in order to help you decide.

Finding a bit of peace away from mass tourism may take a little more work. Fortunately there has been a definite burgeoning in the luxury travel market and you can now find plenty of luxury travel advisors and luxury travel agents or companies often specializing in particular markets or destinations such as train journeys, safaris, eco adventure, to name but a few.

Bespoke Luxury Holidays

Increasingly people with a large vacation budget are choosing to shy away from the more traditional resorts and are looking for more bespoke holidays and destinations. The advantages are that you do not need to compromise on location or food or itinerary and can have arrival and departure times to suit you. Professional bespoke tour operators do not use sub contracted companies and are able as a result, to better control quality all the way through the holiday.

Luxury Safari

There is a bespoke travel company to accommodate any niche holiday request. For example if you would really like a luxurious safari, then you would do very well to check out Micato Safaris. This particular company have won so many awards it is difficult to list them all here!

Your choice of luxury holidays and bespoke destinations is only limited by imagination. There are so many options available that even the most demanding and eccentric traveler can find their own personal paradise.

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