Quite a journey!

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Tuesday, 02 December 2014. Posted in News

If you are a renowned bespoke furniture designer and manufacturer based in the USA. how do your get your best pieces of furniture across the Atlantic to one of the most prestigious events in the yachting calendar?

Quite a journey

Well the answer to this conundrum is you call FD Platinum!

FD and Pollaro have worked successfully together on many projects, each posing a unique set of challenges. Safely transporting furniture from the Pollaro and Pitt-Pollarro ranges from New Jersey USA to Monaco France in time for the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show did require quite a bit of logistical organisation!

Step One

Crating Furniture for Monaco Yacht Show Build and reinforce a series of custom made crates in New Jersey and pack up the entire collection for the Monaco show.

Step Two

Crating Furniture for Monaco Yacht Show Transport all the crates via road to a waiting container for immediate transport to Marseille, France.

Step Three

Crating Furniture for Monaco Yacht Show Organise collection and loading in France and road transport to Monaco – not an easy place to access!

Step Four

Monaco Yacht Show Unpack and set up the stand in time for the start of the show. Find local storage for all the crates.

Step Five

Pitt Pollaro at the Monaco Yacht Show Do the whole process in reverse returning all furniture scratch and damage free to the Pollaro factory in New Jersey.

Step Six

Monaco Yacht Show Stands Disassemble and store crates in preparation for the next time Pollaro and Pitt-Pollaro want to showcase their furniture!

Et voila! Job done!

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