Published on:
April 25, 2021

A moving story of a giant staircase from China to rural England…

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The Challenge…

…to move (among other things) a massive prefabricated glass reinforced concrete staircase from the manufacturer in China to a new build site down a winding country lane in rural England.

Size Does Matter

In this case, the importance of size was the most significant feature. It’s possible to airlift an oversized item with an Antonov cargo aircraft or a Chinook (or two) but it’s very expensive and unnecessary if you have time to plan an alternative. Even more so if it weighs in the region of 25,000 kgs – despite the considerable weight reduction benefits of glass fibre reinforcement.

The weight was influenced in the end by the maximum global shipping limits. Imagine the crane in port not being able to lift your container. And the size and design was influenced by the limitations of freight handling and transport options that can navigate the most winding country lanes.

FD Platinum has the knowledge, experience and attitude required to move anything anywhere, with care and discretion.  There are also some simple steps that make the journey together more enjoyable for everyone.

How to Avoid Unnecessary Costs – Consider Logistics Earlier than Expected

Our part in this project is typical of the logistics element of important design and build projects. It was critical at the earliest stages of the project that we could share key considerations with the client and the architect. Often the logistics element is neglected in the early phases of design because it is deemed to be irrelevant but this inevitably leads to nasty surprises when it comes to transportation costs and practicalities. This huge staircase was just one element of a multi-million pound project but even so, the implications of size and weight could have increased costs dramatically had they not been factored in early on.

The Devil is in the Detail

Other important details benefit from moving and logistics expertise. Customs clearance and import duties, for example, needn’t create headaches if they are dealt with at an early stage. After all, unwanted timing delays might make the difference between getting a staircase in place before the roof goes on the building, delaying the builders when they’re ready to deliver or trying to get a 25,000 kgs staircase through the window instead…

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