State of the art secure storage solutions.

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Convenient storage for high value items and household goods.

Thanks again for the amazing service! It really was a great experience which made the move very pleasant and smooth.

FD Platinum provide state of the art storage solutions to match your lifestyle. Our goal is to create the simplest solution for you to access your possessions whenever you wish.

Centralised hubs provide convenient secure storage for high value items. Climate controlled facilities ensure your belongings are kept in pristine condition and viewing rooms give you access when it suits you. Storage is both secure and accessible so that you have the best of both worlds.

ShipR gives you instant access to all your stored items. For valuable fashion items that you only need every so often, for fine art that requires fastidious climate conditions, we take utmost care of your items when they are in our care.

Customs bonded warehouses give you the flexibility to move high value items between countries without paying duties until you are certain where you want the item to end up.

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Storage for high value fashion items.

Fine Art

Safe and secure international storage.


Instant visibility of all your storage.

Viewing Room

Flexible, private and secure viewing.