Instant visibility of all your storage.

Bespoke inventory management and condition reporting technology.

We have developed our own bespoke platform to manage every element involved in moving and storing valuable items. All information is available to you on-line through secure mobile-friendly access.

You can see which hat you want to wear at the next society wedding, which outfit to wear at your next live show or which painting you might want to show a potential client.

When you’re relocating with your company, ShipR allows us to share specific details with selected users so that your team can see exactly what you need when you need it with multiple layers of secure access where appropriate as part of complex relocation projects.

  • Keep track of all your items stored with us
  • Designed to give you global access
  • Perfect for fine art collections
  • Share fine art images with potential clients
  • Personalised reporting

<strapline>Making the ‘impossible’ possible.<strapline>

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