Fine Art

Safe and secure international storage.

Climate controlled storage for fine art and whole art collections

Whether it’s a statue, a painting or a particular antique your precious items can be stored for as long or as short as you like. Expert handling of fragile and oversized items together with state of the art security systems mean that your art is safe and secure at every stage of its journey.

Centralised hubs give you easy access and convenient staging posts en route. If you’d like to be able to view your item we have special Viewing Room facilities.

You also have the option of a dedicated strong room as opposed to open storage. This provides you with extra peace of mind for your whole collection which can be self-contained and climate controlled.

Customs bonded warehouses provide you with flexible import and export options while your fine art is in storage. 

  • For private collectors or galleries
  • Flexible and secure storage options
  • Customs bonded warehouses
  • Dedicated strong room
  • Secure access to viewing rooms

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