Storage for high value fashion items.

Accessible extended private wardrobe for items you only use occasionally.

Secure yet accessible storage for your clothes in climate controlled conditions.

If you’re a couture collector, a fashion designer, a stage performer or anyone with multiple houses around the world then it’s often useful to store your fashion items safely offsite until you actually need them.

Your shoes, your jackets, your dresses or your hats will be catalogued and cared for in a safe place ready for the next time you want to wear them. You can see what you have online and it can be in your hands anywhere in the world in the space of a few hours.

What’s more, when your possessions are professionally stored, you don’t have to worry about the risk of running out of space in your wardrobe let alone damage by insects or extreme climate conditions.

  • Unlimited space for your clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Secure yet accessible storage  
  • Items catalogued and accessible on ShipR software
  • Climate controlled and risk-free from potential insects
  • Express delivery available to anywhere in the world

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