Air/Sea/Road/Hand Carry

From hand delivery to international shipping.

Best moving options to suit your timescale and size of shipment.

From personal hand-delivered items to large-scale shipments, we recommend the best moving options for the broadest range of needs.

If you need a particular piece of art out of storage for an exhibition, your favourite handbag for the function at the weekend or the best dress for your next gig we will bring it by hand directly to you on time.

If you are planning a building project and need materials from the other side of the world, if you need a statue in place for a grand opening or your vehicle at the start line in Dakar then we will make it happen with the least hassle.

Whether you need a small shipment to reach you as quickly as possible or the largest items of your construction project to arrive in 3 months, FD Platinum will recommend the best moving options for your situation and we will look after all the details for you.

  • Personal hand delivery for delicate items
  • Same day service for special events
  • Air transport for fast international moving
  • Bespoke long-haul moving
  • Consolidation services by land and sea

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