Last Mile Delivery

Fast, reliable and customer friendly.

Providing the most convenient customer experience available.

Clients choose FD Platinum for last mile delivery services because our attention to detail exceeds the most demanding expectations.

We work with our clients over many many years because we get it right.

In some ways the last mile of the journey is the most important because it includes the point of final contact with the customer. In reality, it is all the moving parts that lead up to the last mile which facilitate a successful conclusion.

We pay attention to the detail throughout the whole journey because it is so important to us to get it right for our clients. We concentrate on customer convenience. Timing and communication are critical parts of the customer experience, particularly the final leg.

  • Fast delivery to the client’s home
  • Top level customer service  
  • Flexible and convenient client contact
  • High rate of return business

<strapline>Making the ‘impossible’ possible.<strapline>

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