Safe shipping for classic cars.

All I have to share with you is praise. Ruben and his team were all great. They were punctual, efficient, courteous, and thorough. I would be delighted to work with them all again in the future.

We take care of your vehicle as if it were our own.

We organise shipping and/or storing your car wherever you need it in the world. We also offer valeting, servicing & repairs for your convenience.

Shipping a car is different every time and we can give you specific advice that relates to the age, value and type of shipping options available to you.

You can rely on FD Platinum to take care not only of your car but the paperwork that comes with shipping a vehicle too. We work with car dealers and collectors across the world and specialise in both classic cars and sports cars. We are your safest option.

Our experience will give you peace of mind that your car will arrive both safely and on time because we have covered all of the complex details in advance. You can also be confident that there won’t be any unnecessary extra miles on the clock when it arrives at its destination.

  • Global shipping and safe storage for vintage vehicles
  • Valeting, servicing and repairs also available  
  • Customs duty and tax specialists to offer advice
  • Exceptional insurance options
  • Efficient and enthusiastic transport team

<strapline>Making the ‘impossible’ possible.<strapline>

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