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Fast, personal, priority moving service anywhere.

I had a last minute party idea and FD Platinum made it happen. Thank you so much for impressing not only me, but all of my guests too!

A swift service to move mountains and deliver your last minute requests.

A swift service to move mountains and satisfy your last minute requests.

We can send anything you need anywhere in the world with our fast and efficient express courier service. When you want something done and you’re not sure who to ask, FD Platinum can help.

Our clients have asked us to deliver macaroons from Paris straight to their yacht, their golf clubs from New York to Pebble Beach and their shopping from Harrods in London to Halifax in Novia Scotia.

When you’re shopping in Milan and you need the extra bags moved to Monaco, or when you’re at the markets in Marrakech and you need to ship delicate lamps to Los Angeles, we can help.

In short, our exceptionally swift courier service can transport anything, anywhere.

  • Express service for last minute requests
  • Macaroons to your yacht or golf clubs to your hotel
  • Shopping from London to Los Angeles 
  • Lamps from Marrakech to Miami
  • Anything, anytime to anywhere in the world

<strapline>Making the ‘impossible’ possible.<strapline>

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